Starting a Money Lending Business in Kenya

About this course

Steve has been lending money to small businesses and running a microfinance for 7 years. In this training, Steve shares with you the skills and knowledge you need to start and run a successful Money Lending Business in Kenya. This is a very detailed 1 hour training broken down into 23 easy to understand topics *Extra Bonus* 1. After taking the course, we can connect you with the trainer for extra consultation if need be.

What you’ll learn

If you would like us to connect you to Steve Maina for further consultation and guidance after taking the course, click the button below.

Please note, Steve Maina will NOT engage anyone that has not taken the course. This option to connect to a trainer is only available to a set number of students on a first come, first served basis. Once that number is reached, this option will disappear.

Take this course NOW to take advantage of this opportunity.

Also, by taking this course, you qualify to join our exclusive networking groups where you get to meet, learn and connect with other business people, distributors, suppliers etc. Click the button below to be added.

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