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At KnowledgeIn, we empower our students with the right knowledge to enable them start, run and manage a business. Our trainers are established business people, guys who already own and run their own businesses. We partner with them to create each course meaning our students get real world, tested and proven knowledge. Knowledge and skills that have been proven to work and be profitable in the real marketplace,  not textbook knowledge. 

All our courses are practical, well explained video courses.  The course is broken down to topics with each topic being a video on it’s own. Once logged in, you can view the courses on any device, at any time. 

A KnowledgeIn student can be anyone looking to start a side hustle while still employed or an unemployed person looking to start a business to sustain themselves.

Our courses are beginner friendly, with big emphasis on being able to start small then scale later. 

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For any questions kindly contact us through 0712473322

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